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Global Adrenaline

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Day 1: Paro, Bhutan
Arrive in Paro. Visit Paro Dzong, one of Bhutan’s most impressive dzongs, or fortresses. Tour the Ta Dzong, Bhutan’s National Museum.

Day 2: Paro Valley
Spend the day experiencing the colorful Paro Tsechu festival where monks and lay people don brilliant costumes and masks for reenactments of allegorical tales that date back to the introduction of Buddhism to Bhutan. Explore the Paro Valley, including “Tiger’s Nest,” the Taksang monastery spectacularly situated in a cleft on a 2,000 foot granite wall, Drukgyal Dzong fortress, and Bhutan’s oldest temple, Kyichu.

Day 3: Paro Valley / Punakha
Enjoy a second morning of the Paro Tsechu festival before departing for Punakha. Pass by misty waterfalls, multicolored prayer flags and Buddhist memorials, traveling through pine-scented forests and remote villages in dramatic Himalayan backdrops.

Day 4: Punakha / Thimphu
Visit the majestic Punakha Dzong fortress. Hike to the Khamsum Yosercholing Monastery, and Chimi Lhakhang, the “Temple of the Divine Madman,” dedicated to an eccentric but much beloved lama.

Day 5: Thimphu
Spend two days visiting the many sights in Thimphu. Stroll through the weekly market where nomadic farmers come to trade. Visit Memorial Chorten, a large Tibetan-style stupa. Tour the Institute of Traditional Medicine Services and the National Institute for Zorig Chusum, commonly known as the Painting School.

Day 6: Thimphu
Explore the Folk Heritage Museum and the National Library. Visit Drupthob Lhakhang, one of Bhutan’s few surviving nunneries, the National Textile Museum and the small, Motithang Zoo that houses the Takin, Bhutan’s national animal.

Day 7: Thimphu / Paro / Depart for Home
Drive to Paro and depart for home.