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Experience Mongolia

Experience the magic of Mongolia, the land of the endless blue sky.

  • Ulaanbaatar: Learn about Mongolia’s fascinating history and nomadic culture in this capital city’s many museums. The contrast between ancient traditions and the dawning of a 21st century democracy is visible in Ulaanbaatar where traditional gers and Buddhist monasteries coexist with modern high-rises

  • Lake Hovsgol: Kayak on this pristine lake, one of the clearest in the world, known as Mongolia’s “dark blue pearl”.

  • Gobi Desert: Embark on a camel trek through this mysterious and untamed desert, riding among the spectacular sand dunes of Moltsog Els. Journey to the Flaming Cliffs, where the first nest of dinosaur eggs was discovered, and go mountain biking around Bulagtai Mountain, an ancient volcanic outcropping.

  • Naadam Festival: Join the celebration at the annual Naadam Festival, Mongolia’s largest festival and sporting event, centered around wrestling, horse racing, and archery competitions.

Best Time to Travel

For the best weather conditions, we recommend traveling to Mongolia during the months of June to September. Travelers wishing to attend the Naadam Festival should travel in July.

Itinerary Ideas

Let us customize your trip to Mongolia. Start with a sample itinerary below or work with one of our experienced Trip Specialists to design a completely unique program. Many travelers enjoy combining Mongolia with other destinations in the region such as China.

Bogd Khan Winter Palace Biking around Bulagti Mountain Kayaking on Lake Hovsgol Local farmer in Bulgan Child wrestler in the traditional garments Bactrian camels