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Global Adrenaline

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Day 1: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Arrive in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Enjoy a city tour including the Kamchatka Regional Museum, the Kamchatka Krai Art Museum, the Russian Orthodox cathedral, and the fish market.

Day 2: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Embark on a private marine boat excursion in Avacha Bay, where volcanoes grace the skyline. Try deep sea fishing, and look for puffins, cormorants, and the ancient murrelet.

Day 3: Avacha Volcano
Explore Avachinsky Volcano in the Nalychevo Nature Park, one of the four territories making up the Volcanoes of Kamchatka Nature Park. Set out on an afternoon hike to Camel Rock.

Day 4: Voskazhets Volcano
Discover another of Kamchatka’s mighty volcanoes, Voskazhets Volcano. Enjoy a leisurely, guided walk to view the botanical diversity of this region.

Day 5: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Travel to Khalakhterskiy Beach, a volcanic black sand beach at the base of Avachinsky Volcano’s eastern side. Meet the Lach Itelmen ethnographic dance group, who will perform a ceremony to honor the fish. The Itelmen people are Kamchatka’s longest living culture, with more than 3,000 years of history on the peninsula. Try “ukha,” a traditional Kamchatka fish soup.

Day 6: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky / Esso
Drive to the village of Esso, a cultural hub in Kamchatka. Visit the Milkovo District Museum to learn about the Kamchadal people of this region.

Day 7: Esso
Take a walking tour of Esso including the Bystrinsky District Ethnographic Museum, with its fine collections from Kamchatka aboriginal culture. Visit the Bystrinsky Nature Park Visitor Center for an orientation to the land, animals, and culture of Kamchatka’s largest park. Stop at the Beringia Sled Dog Race Museum.

Day 8: Esso
Hike to Ikar Lake. Travel to the neighboring village of Anavgai, home of the reindeer herding Even people. Enjoy a traditional concert.

Day 9: Esso
Take a guided tour of several home gardens in Esso to see how people live in this community. Raft the rapids of the exciting Bystraya River.

Day 10: Esso / Paratunka
Visit Paratunka Valley, named for the geothermal springs that bubble up from the ground. Relax and soak in the natural geothermal waters.

Day 11: Paratunka
Take a tour of the area named for its geothermal underpinnings. Visit local gardens and a commercial greenhouse heated by natural geothermal energy.

Day 12: Paratunka
Visit the Institute of Volcanology, dedicated to research of Kamchatka’s 159 volcanoes. Meet the winners of the Beringia Sled Dog Race. Share tea and stories in a yurt with a friendly family and their huskies.

Day 13: Mutnovsky Crater
Hike Mutnovsky Volcano in the South Kamchatka Nature Park. Take a guided hike up to the crater, passing through Opasniy Canyon with its dramatic waterfall. In the crater of this active volcano are boiling mud pots, active steam and gas vents spewing gases, and a surreal multi-colored crater wall of mineralization rising above.

Day 14: Yelizovo / Depart for Home
Take a walking tour of Yelizovo, Kamchatka’s second largest city, before departing on an evening flight home.