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Global Adrenaline

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Experience Antarctica

Journey across the Drake Passage to Antarctica, the untouched wilderness of the southernmost continent, and the perfect destination for photographers and adventurers alike. Take this unique chance to learn about the historical sites, active scientific stations, varied terrain, and spectacular wildlife of this incredible continent.

  • Antarctic Peninsula: Witness the wonder of snowy mountain peaks, glaciers, and pristine, turquoise waterways teeming with penguins, seals, whales, and a variety of fish. Kayak among ice floes and towering icebergs in narrow, sheltered waterways and fjords, or climb one of the peninsula’s peaks for breathtaking views. Visit active scientific stations, conducting research on the magnificent animal life in this snow-capped desert.

  • Falkland Islands: Travel to this South-Atlantic archipelago, rich in wildlife and natural beauty. Let our expert naturalists guide you through an unforgettable journey, and get up close and personal with penguins and other aquatic life. Discover the majesty of clear blue skies and endless horizons in all directions.

  • South Georgia: Venture to South Georgia, the famed site of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton’s famous survival voyage of 1914-1917. Visit an abandoned whaling station, and watch for seals, penguins, albatross, and reindeer, just a few of the many fascinating animals that call these islands home.

  • Wedell Sea: Embark on a voyage through the Wedell Sea, named for the British navigator, James Wedell. Cruise or kayak among snow-capped peaks and glowing blue glaciers, taking in the diverse ecosystem of the Southern Ocean.

Best Time to Travel

For the best weather conditions and navigable seas, we recommend traveling to Antarctica during the months of November to March.

Itinerary Ideas

Let us customize your trip to Antarctica. Start with a sample itinerary below or work with one of our experienced Trip Specialists to design a completely unique program. Many travelers enjoy combining Antarctica with other destinations in the region such as Argentina and Chile.