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Global Adrenaline

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Day 1: Spitsbergen, Norway
Arrive in Longyearbyen on the island of Spitsbergen, set off the coast of mainland Norway. Settle into a cabin on board a luxury ship.

Day 2: Spitsbergen
Explore Spitsbergen’s northwest coast featuring calving icebergs, historic whaling stations, and trappers’ camps.

Day 3: Spitsbergen
Spend a second day exploring Spitsbergen. Embark on a Zodiac boat ride for fantastic views of ice cliffs, including Monacobreen, one of Spitsbergen’s largest glaciers. Look for walrus and polar bear on the ice.

Day 4: Greenland
Cross the Greenland Sea, looking for fin and beluga whales. Enjoy epic tales of early explorers, and learn about the Arctic plants and animals, from expert naturalists and guest lecturers.

Day 5: Greenland
Explore Northeast Greenland National Park, the world’s largest national park that is home to polar bear, walrus, Arctic hare, and musk ox.

Day 6: Greenland
Marvel at the Greenland ice cap, which covers eighty-one percent of the island.

Day 7: Greenland
Explore Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord. Go ashore to visit trappers’ huts across the tundra, where musk ox, Arctic fox, and elder duck roam.

Day 8: Greenland
Explore lively cascades at Kap Humboldt, where a microclimate allows for spectacular hanging gardens. Visit Kong Oskar Fjord and marvel at spectacular glacier-carved mountains.

Day 9: Greenland
Visit Scoresbysund, where vast Greenland icecaps sweep down in massive glaciers that calve explosively, creating giant icebergs.

Day 10: Greenland
Near Sydkap, take a Zodiac boat ride through a maze of grounded icebergs, some more than ninety feet high sculpted with deep green tunnels and aquamarine lakes. Enjoy a warm Ittoqqortoormiit welcome from Inuit people happy to share their culture.

Day 11: Greenland
Set out on a kayak, weaving through interconnected waterways and watching for polar bear and narwhal.

Day 12: Greenland
Sail along the mountainous Blosseville Coast, looking for musk ox and narwhal. Visit Rømer Fjord, a deep waterway offering stunning mountain views.

Day 13: Iceland
Sail across Denmark Strait toward Iceland, looking for northern fulmar, black-backed gull, dolphin, and orca.

Day 14: Isafjordur / Reykjavik / Depart for Home
Disembark in Isafjordur, an Icelandic fishing town. Fly to Reykjavik and connect to international flights home.

Note: Please note that this itinerary can also be done in reverse order.